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Thank you Carlos for taking the time to do this interview with NVRI. Kindly introduce yourself to our audience:

My name is Carlos Berber and I am an independent filmmaker.

Q. Tell us about your most recent project PARTY BUS, what is the premise of the film and what do you hope that the audience learns?

Party Bus is a Thriller Horror film about a bachelor party that is hijacked by the protagonist’s estranged brother. The film focuses on accountability and situational greed. We explore the surface level of many complex scenarios that most if not all can relate to. What I hope most is that the audience has a great time watching a film with such a unique personality.

Q. What are some of the perks of having your own production while creating PARTY BUS?

Filmmaking is such a small and intimate group; we tend to stay close and in touch often. We are a small group and become very close. One of these perks in owning your own means of production is that you can pick and choose all whom you want to work with and cast. I love working with the same people as often as possible and will pursue it frequently.

Q. What is the most difficult thing about having your own production while filming PARTY BUS?

The most difficult thing while shooting Party Bus was having a set that would up and leave at times. The entire film was shot on the bus, on location, but the owner was not educated on production and the demanding needs that is feature film production. We had a strict overnight schedule of 8pm to 8am, hard out. The owner of the bus at times had scheduling conflicts and the bus would sometimes show up late. Shooting on a bus is also very difficult and many logistical challenges were also at play. Having a tight space with large camera setups, made it very difficult to move cameras around and forced creativity when it came to angles and shooting styles. Lighting was also a challenge, but we managed, and the entire Cast and Crew were incredible based on the circumstances.

Q. You cast a great group of talented actors, how was it working with them?

The entire cast brought great talents and positive energy, regardless of production setbacks.

They really did help make the process easier and pleasant. The crew got Covid by the 3rd day of production and only left myself, my wife Jasmine Berber who also plays two roles in the film and my sound guy Ignacio Fimbres to run the entire 21-day production.

Q. Who inspired you the most in the film industry and why?

It’s difficult to say who inspired me the most within the industry. I didn’t look up to any filmmakers, I followed actors and the most influential was Robin Williams, following him would be Rob Schneider then Brendon Frazier. Anything these guys did, I loved. There’s something about their energy that just spoke most with me. I originally wanted to be an actor and at the age of 8 living in Arizona, there weren’t many opportunities to pursue. Scams were everywhere and the only option was to head to LA, but being first generation and poor, that wasn’t an option for me. So instead, I learned the process and started making my own films and it’s been going great since then!

Q. If you could put one major celebrity in one of your films, who would it be and what would the film be about?

I would love to put Sir Anthony Hopkins in a film, but the film idea cannot be shared due to how unique and original it is. I can say it is a Romantic Horror and nothing quite like this has been done. Oh no, I think maybe I have said too much?

Q. What are some of the things you enjoy doing when you are not filmmaking?

It’s difficult to answer this question because anyone in the industry producing their own content will understand that there isn’t any available time. What I use to enjoy before all this merging of job and passion was fitness and camping. Other than that, I have converted most of my hobbies into generating capital. So work isn’t work, it’s just me hanging out with my wife who is my best friend and creative/business life partner. We get to hang out and make movies with all our friends and that is most rewarding. I’m sure I answered the question, if not then let’s go with cooking.

Q. What is next for Carlos, do you have any projects in development?

I currently have THE HOUSE THAT EATS FLESH in post production and three in development that are slated to start production in 2023. ALIBI is the first slated for 2023.

Q. How can your fans get updates about you and your films? Your website or social media links?

Fans can check up on all the unique things we are doing on our website and follow-on social media, here are the links:

Click link to view trailer and for updates on release date and available streaming platforms available stre – freelance services from $10

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